Special Events

Special events are what we are known for and no one in our area can offer an "on the beach," private setting, tropical jungle, boutique paradise, within walking distance to the shops, restaurants and dazzling night life of Puerto Vallarta. Whatever your special occasion is, PVBC and Villa Verano will make it memorable. We have hosted events for dignitaries and celebrities from around the world, and would love to host your special occasion, wedding, family reunion, or corporate retreat.

Photography by Victor Sizemore

Secluded Luxury Weddings

Truly one of the most ideal, tropical, exotic and romantic settings for "the special wedding." This very private paradise offers so much more than most wedding venues.

  • Everything in one location: accommodations, variety of cocktail and dining venues, pre and post ceremony functions, entertainment, reception, wedding ceremony.
  • Outstanding wedding planners to choose from.
  • Puerto Vallarta's only resort with a totally private Los Muertos Beach and beachfront estate not open to the general public.
  • The lush tropical jungle and beach surroundings make it a wedding photographer's dream.

What many say about PVBC weddings is that they're so private, so peaceful, and the staff is so personable. Our staff is not just employees, they are family, and this is why they truly care about making your experience one of a kind.

Private Business & Corporate Retreats

What a perfect setting and change of pace for the discerning and astute business group. Desirous of wonderful ambience, the Puerto Vallarta Beach Club is great for communication and learning.
No banquet rooms, smoky hallways, noisy lobbies, crowded swimming pools, screaming kids and herds of people - just the peaceful, tranquility of a tropical private paradise all to yourselves. All the needs for your next business retreat, but still so close to home.
Your last day can be a delightful farewell meeting lunch on our private tropical beach, and you can be home in LA, San Diego, San Francisco, Phoenix, Houston, or Dallas that same night for dinner. There is not a tropical beach in the world that can make this statement other than Puerto Vallarta. We have hosted every size of retreat from two man companies, Y.P.O. groups, and Fortune 500 organizations, and we are very happy to provide their testimonials.

Beachfront Family Reunions

Probably one of the most ideal spots to get the family together, close to home, in the tropics, affordable, where no one has to worry about anything. Everything is done for you and your family.